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Modeling agency Mysse Agency, parent agency operating at the global level of haute couture.

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    Master fitness trainer: every morning you start with training. Svetlana will give you the basics on how to shape your figure to work as a model. For 10 days, you will be under her supervision for two hours.

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    Fashion show teacher - catwalk10 years of experience in the fashion industry8 world podiumsMultiple Miss Beauty PageantsKatarina teaches you how to walk the catwalk for two hours over 10 days.

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    Representative of ,,Atelier Paris,,Makeup artistWill teach you the basics of makeup

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    Founder of the European school of photo posing. Owner of an international modeling agency ,, Mysse Agency,,. Every evening you will learn to read a photograph, be able to see mistakes, learn to pose for the camera


Technique for teaching posing for the camera

The course is divided into three sequential stages, including theory, practice of psychology.

1st stage of training

Designed for 12 hours, 2 hours of lessons, which include:

1st lesson:
● 2 hours of theory (concept of photography, model photo)
● Raising hands (homework)

2nd lesson:
● Position of hands (french)
● Study of problem areas (psycho-analysis)
● View student photos (criticism)
● Study of the portrait (emotion)
● Working on emotions on camera (review, analysis)
● Homework (Facial emotions, feelings)

3rd lesson:
● Checking homework (on camera)
● Portrait. Problem areas. Hand positioning combined with hair
● Homework (portrait with and without hands)

4th lesson:
● Position theory - where to start
● Arms position

5th lesson:
● Putting hands (on camera)
● Viewing photos (putting hands on the camera)

6th lesson:
● Makeup lesson - basic directions of light and shadow on the face, basic textures for photo makeup
● You receive a certificate and working photo materials

2st stage of training

Stage 2 is designed for 7 lessons of 2 hours each. This stage is an integral part of the 1st and 3rd stages.

7th lesson
● Analysis of work with a chair (regular, bar stools)
● Practice on camera

8th lesson
● Technique of sitting, lying
● Theory "Waves" (practice)

9th lesson
● Analysis of work "Wave"
● Practice on camera

10th lesson
● Arms position (geometry, semetry, asemetry)
● Working on camera

11th lesson
● Free lesson
● Individual selection of the image
● Working on camera

12th lesson
Facial modeling basics, linear rhythm

13th lesson
● Photo makeup (exercises followed by a photo)
● You get a certificate and working photo materials

3st stage of training

Designed for 6 lessons of 2 hours

14th lesson● Free lesson● Working on camera
15th lesson● Working in pairs● Working on the camera in pairs
16th lesson● Working with objects● Practice on camera
17th lessonAnti-position
18th lesson● Position of the cat● Working on camera 19th lesson● Photo makeup + Exercise + Shooting portfolio● You receive a certificate and working photo materials + photo portfolio.

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