You got the pseudo model.

You got the pseudo model.

Hello to all!

For earlier I apologize for the expression in this post, since I write on emotions and am not going to correct anything. Well, I'll start with the most frequent contact to our agency, but it sounds like this;

Send me to a contract.

Stop, who are you?

- I'm a model.

How tall are you?

- 168-170 approximately….

What are your parameters?

- I don’t know I didn’t measure.

Pffff ... ... (internal state yelling ...)

Model with a height of 168-170 cm ... who does not know her parameters.

What nafig model, model of what?

What the hell have you seen models with a height of 168 cm.?

It looks like this, the daughter woke up in the morning, and her mother said to her: God, daughter, how beautiful you are, straight model. The daughter decided that she was a model.

And also sadness when you see it with your own eyes, and there is also cellulite, and the parameters are off scale from the waist and hips.

Or option number 2.

She graduated from a modeling school, they took money from her there. Like for training. That's it, you're a model. (I will write this separately about model schools) but they don’t care how tall you are, the main thing is to tell you that you have a future in order to take money from you for tuition, and then they come to the agency in full confidence in the howling future in the model career.

Really got it. And you know that the saddest thing is to convince such people that they are not really going anywhere, in different filming formats, shows, beauty contests, TV projects, and some even manage to get closer to modeling work, but this is still not the same. Guys have the same problem. They do not differ much from girls in this regard. So that's it. My dear boys and girls, if your height is less than 175 cm - for girls and less than 185 cm - for boys. Do not dream, do not deceive yourself and do not slander agencies that cannot realize you as a model. You do not meet the parameters.

Yes, of course, there is an exception when a model with a height of 173 cm. Works fruitfully, and successfully earns money while riding around the world. Mostly working as a commercial model.

But, as a rule, these models are hard workers they shoot for 5-7 hours and they have good knowledge and practice. They are well built in terms of the constitution of the body, they have charisma - a special talent, an exclusive personality in the intellectual, spiritual, or any other respect, the ability to appeal to hearts, it is also mentioned: high giftedness, personal attractiveness. They know how to play for the camera, they do not have the intervention of plastic surgeons, and they are brains of the model, and not ambitious creatures imagining themselves not clear by whom.

Option number 3.

These are really girls with growth, with good external data, BUT! She is 23 and now she finally made up her mind. Your mother, where have you been before? Who needs you at 23? Who wants to spend their time, energy and invest in you looking at the prospect in you, if in six months or a year later you plan to get married, if you have not already come to the agency for this purpose to appear. Age 23 is the age when you should have come to the agency with a bunch of photographic material, with the history of travel contracts. Then they will pay attention to you and can offer a short-term contract, shooting, advertising from several days to a month.

But if you decided to start a career at 23, you were 10 years late.

For example, we find girls 13-15. years and we lead them to the age when, according to the law, they have the right to go out on a contract. I want to note right away that in different countries the age for working as a model varies from 14 to 18 years. (I'll write about this in the next post).

Option number 4.

Model girls with the prospect of a modeling career, but with a basket full of various reasons why they cannot do modeling work.

And the reasons are of a different nature:

-school. School is not a problem, many of our models, while studying at school, traveled freely on 3-month contracts. Plus, upon their arrival, they also organized a class hour so that they would tell what culture of the country where it was and the specifics of the model's work.

-institute. In principle, the same as a school, unless it is a medical institution, everyone else can freely travel to contracts, especially if on commercial training and the explanation to the dean is very simple, if you want me to pay for tuition, I have to earn money. It really works.

- the guy is against. No comment here. In my practice, a large number of smart and promising girls pissed away their time, obeying their type of future husbands.

-parents think that I will be sold into slavery. Do not even dream, there is crazy competition in this market, so that you are taken into slavery, you need to approach the Victoria's Secret standards and then competitors will simply knock you out of line. In a word, to get into slavery to a sheikh or an oligarch, you need to try very hard, and to get into sexual slavery is basically the same story. There are a lot of people willing, and there is also competition. But this is not all the modeling business.

- I just can't get to the studio to make snaps. Here is the most incomprehensible to me. When there is data, there is an opportunity, but she simply cannot even reach the studio to make working material, but regularly calls or responds to contracts like I am here, I am, I will be soon. And here's my advice for other agencies. If such a model came to you, you made material for it and sent it to a contract, then with such a model in the future you will have a headache, since it will screw up your contract and you will lose your customer. Such models do not have model brains, and if the model has no brains then you have problems. )

- I can't reach your agency, parties and parties interfere. This is basically the same thing as I can't get to the studio. But here you have to understand that if a girl has model data, but her life goes in parties and clubs, then the road for this girl is the image and consumption smoothly turning into an escort. At the same time, for the sake of justice, it should be noted that there is nothing particularly bad in the image. But this is a fine line that a girl should feel and understand that cannot be crossed. There is another catch, that under the offer of work on the image, the work of consumation is veiled. Distracted by explanations. So those who love parties, parties work very well in this direction. But again, I emphasize, they cannot call themselves models. This is not a model job. These are just girls with model data and nothing more. )

- I'm ready even tomorrow, but I don't have a passport. But here in general ……………… .. points, these are all obscene language in a harsh form ……………. ………………………………… …………………. ……. ………….

In a word, the model takes out your brain, you study with her, make her working material, snaps, part folios, give posing lessons and all that, the booker is looking for a contract for her and you need to take into account that this version of the model is complex, with a height of 173 cm. standard figure. You still find her a contract, announce it to her. And in response you hear - so that I can already make a passport?

What to do? Your mother ……… .. ……… they are expecting you in a week in another country, but you didn’t do it abroad. You were told about him six months ago. A foreigner is being done with the current hype for two months. And in response you hear - OH! I did not know. Ipic strength. There is only one answer, you want a contract, get your passport.

- I don't know the language. There were also sad situations in our practice. If you want to be, learn the language. Because there is no modeling as such in the countries of the post-Soviet space, and where it is, they speak at least English. So, our models, who did not know the language, had many canceled contracts, missed planes during flights and much more related to the language barrier. I foresee sarcasm, google translator is not suitable.

Option number 5

With high self-esteem. I want to work. Suggest contract options.

You start to offer and here it begins….

I don't want to go there, China sucks, I don't want Europe for three months. Now, if only for a week.

India no, it stinks there. Where does it stink? You yourself from Zzhopenska everything stinks there. In a word, he goes through the options and then declares - if only the USA or England!

Hello girl !!! Akstis !!!

You have three professional photos and the rest of the selfies are on instagram, you are the winner of the contest “Miss slums of Zashopensk”, you even walked the runway at Fashion Week for $ 10-20 (at best). What makes you think that the States are waiting for you? Turn it on adequately.

In general, such characters, pseudo models, endure the brain, you tell them, no, they leave you with a proud head held high, believing that your agency is not their level. And after a while, you see these models in that very Chinese market or in that very India. It is worth noting that India and China are not the worst option, but I will write about these countries later.

Something like that!

While I was writing, I calmed down a bit, so this is where I end this post. Well, now I'm waiting for bile in return. If you have, ask questions with pleasure, I will answer, or give topics for discussion!

With respect and love, yours Volodymyr Fabiano