What is a working, non-working model and a backup model.

What is a working, non-working model and a backup model.

Hello to all!

In this post, I will explain what a working, non-working model is and what a fallback model is. I think everyone understands that in order for a modeling agency to work, so-called material is needed. The material is the model. There are three concepts of working, non-working material and reserve. Many will say that it sounds like it is not very, rudely cynical and harsh. So it is, in essence, the modeling business is rough, cynical and tough. Nobody will stand on ceremony with you and lisp too. Like, dislike goodbye. So the material is working, not working and reserve. Let's consider everything in order.

Working material - this is when we found a model, and it is fully equipped with material for work, namely it has available: snaps, portfolio, video penetration and presentation, in the presence of a passport, it is not hindered from work and contract by any external factors. If there is no material, but the model is liquid, we, as an agency, provide all of it, assist and work forward.

Non-working material - this is when the model does not have anything available, but even if all the material is prepared for it, for whatever reason it will not be able to fly anywhere to a contract or fully work as a model. (such, a large number of girls who just like to be signed in their accounts as models, that's all) But at the same time they take out the brain to send them somewhere.

The backup material is a model that, depending on the circumstances, cannot currently function as a model. And here everything is divided 50/50. For example, two years ago we found two models, one in Kiev in a shopping center at that time she was only 13 years old. the second in Odessa at that time she was 14 years old. We get an age reserve material, because the main contracts under current legislation are considered from 16-18 years old. Of course, there are countries that can take a model from 14-15 years old. But here again it appears, but with our education system, such as ZNO and all such nonsense. (I will write about this separately). In a word, the model is in reserve. All these years we have been conducting it, teaching it, telling the specifics and pitfalls in the modeling business, preparing material and shining it around the world for booking by customers. (So ​​that you understand at all, today we have 4 babies, whom 4-5 countries are already waiting for on contracts for the execution of 15-16 years.)

So, you, roughly speaking, cherish her, bring up, wait for her, and she takes it and by the age of 16 she sharply gains weight twice. And you understand, no, you do not understand, you are in shock. You just turned your back and the scribe ... .. here he is.

Or the second point. You spend two or three years on her, and then it turns out that the demand for her type has passed, like yesterday.

But there are those other 50%, they all these years, take care of themselves, educate their character and ability to work, keep themselves in shape and do not eat in Mac. And this reserve material then covers the costs of illiquid assets. This I just described about the age reserve.

There is also a detailed reserve. This is when a model acting temporarily cannot work due to circumstances of a different nature. It can be due to illness, family, exams and various reasons, but at the same time she remains in the ranks. Very often, after contracts of 3-6 months, especially exotic countries, such as India, China, Indonesia, the United States, models have to enter their norm, as they gain significantly in weight. And here everything is individual, some fall out of the work schedule for 1-2 months, others for a whole year. In this case, everything is individual. But they return to duty and continue to work.

In the next post I will describe selectively the stories of the models of our agency, how they got to us and at what stage they are now.