Problems with the first contract and the difficulties faced by the model.

Problems with the first contract and the difficulties faced by the model.

Today I will describe the challenges of the first contract and the challenges the model faces on its first ride.

To begin with, completely different "instances" apply to us. Yes, yes, I did not make a reservation, the model is IT (not that of Stephen King). The high title of "model" can be worn by the very person who is not subject to hysteria, excessive self-love, a person who does not blush in front of a photographer or designer of the opposite sex. The model is a soulless creature, from which they want to see only the result of the task assigned to it. Sometimes a very challenging task. This is acting, the technique of photographing - which, in fact, is a whole science, as well as the art of fashion shows. Added to this is a whole package of psychological preparation, which naturally comes with experience. And then comes to our agency "it" (not like Stephen King's), which wants to fulfill its dream. I ask me to understand right away IT is not an offensive wording, but a fact, since at this stage a person who has a desire to become a model is IT - not definite, not fulfilled, because it is not clear what will come of him.

So IT thinks that it can cope with all the difficulties of the modeling business, and what kind of difficulties are there? It's a thrill! Ride around the world, do your favorite thing - take pictures, shine on the catwalk, make videos and hang out at cool parties.

And here is the most ambush.

Dear girls and boys!

The modeling business is a big physical, psychological and moral work. It is WORK!

In other words, YOU, my dear ones, must be physically, mentally and psychologically ready for such work.

And if physically everything is normal, then morally and psychologically, as practice shows, in 70% you are absolutely not ready.

I will give examples that our models encounter when they get to another country on their first contract. These are mostly psychological moments.

I will say right away that when you return from your first contract, in 30% of cases you do not return to modeling work.

1st. what you have to deal with. You fall out of your usual comfort zone. There were mom, dad, beloved, relatives near you. Your crib, possibly a plush toy or computer game.

Bath!!! Your favorite bathroom, especially, this moment is important for girls.

For girls who have serious relationships with guys, you need to be careful with the search for contracts, and it is better not to send anywhere at all, because when a girl is torn away from her beloved "pussy" .. there is generally a disaster.

You have been deprived of your usual food. You dream of your favorite cafe at night.

Your car, bike, everything to which you are attached - this will not be with you for a month, or even six months. Everything that you are so attached to and that you love so much will not be with you for a long time.

Here you !! Yes Yes!! You consider yourself a future model, and now imagine that you are losing it all, for a while.

Can you handle it?

It is in the psychological sense.

This is where you need to start when you are going to become a model.

Example. One of our models, got to her first contact in Milan, started quite successfully, but after holding out for one month, she began to rush home under any pretext. Naturally, having broken a 3-month contract and underworked, she returned. And now, six months later, she confessed to me that she could not see on instagram how her girlfriends walk around Kiev clubs without her. This was the main motive. Of course, time passed, and she realized that she had “stumbled”. But the fact remains.

Second example. A model from another agency (not the parent agency and without a signed contract) turned to us, she was simply listed in it. Send it anywhere, I can do everything, I want money, I need money. OK.

For this type, the model was sent to China for a bet.

Someone will read China now and grimace. So guys, China is different now, and it's easier for us to send a model to Europe than to China. Everything is changing.

So she arrives in China, and only on arrival reaches her.

Damn, this is a different food, a different culture, a different language, and they don't understand English.

And do not care that you explained all this to her before. It only dawned on her when she got there. And do not care that you give full information about the country, culture, specifics, everything from A to Z + take tablets, activated carbon, hygiene products. All this is useless! After all, when you crucify yourself in front of “the future Gisele Bündchen,” she has her own illusionary picture in her head, which you will not spoil with your instructions. And only when she gets into reality, she gets the first impression: she was deceived and thrown.

So, your first sensation is the very consequence of the psychological unwillingness to break away from the usual reality. In other words, you have lost your comfort zone, as a rule, this state of stress lasts from 4 to 14 days. Then, you get used to a new culture, cuisine. And many, who at first endured the brain that they were all betrayed, when they return, write posts in social networks in the style: "I leave one house, I return to another."

There are also such examples when they begin to involve their relatives and friends here. Type influence.

Here I will quote Benya! Hello - Garage! Let's go drink coffee ?!

And we start a dialogue:

I. - Are they offending you there?

IT. - Not!

I. - Maybe they pester you?

IT. - Not!

I. - do you have bad living conditions?

IT. - Not!

Ya - so what's the matter?

IT. - girls live with me, I don't like them.

Me - are you sure they like you?

IT - thought.

I. - what else do you dislike?

IT is everything. I didn't imagine it all so.

I. - and how did you imagine all this?

IT is not like that. I realized that this is not mine, I am not a model, I cannot cope. I miss my boyfriend, my old life.

I. - what was in your former life? Groundhog day, everyday routine. Here you have a different country, a different culture, look, study. Make acquaintances, gain experience. You are 19, treat this like an adventure.

IT - no! I want to go home.

I gave you a real dialogue between the model and me.

And here you can't blame her.

This is the very case of a person leaving the comfort zone, + love, affection, to another person. And in this case, more than 4 days must pass for IT to begin to notice around itself some delights of a change of scenery. A significant role is played here by a loved one, who should not exacerbate the situation, but smooth it out.

Well, and to moms, dads, and all sorts of relatives I want to wish: “remember yourself at this age. I give 100% at the age of your children, you were much more independent and more adapted to life than the current generation. So do not go on about, let your children grow up and fill their bumps. And believe me, when after the first contract they come back, they become different, in a good sense of the word. "

There are many + with long-term contracts.

The idea of ​​another world, another culture opens up.

For example, when I first got to China, I drove hoping to see a rickshaw with crooked teeth, as we were shown in pictures in childhood, but saw three-story roads, telephones with TVs, and cars stuffed with electronics. And I realized that the Chinese are We.

Once in Europe, I realized that this was a dying grandmother, and what could impress me is the architecture of previous generations and the remnants of a cultural nation.

And so about every country, culture. Having traveled half the world, I can tell something, what I saw. In the same way, you, my dear models, who ended up on your very first contract, for someone it looked like AD, and someone fell in love from the first time with the country and culture of that first country. In any case, you are there now, and you yourself can see, feel, what you can then tell others about. And you will understand how cool it is to be out of your own swamp.

Therefore, my advice to you!

First of all, evaluate yourself objectively!

Ask a question - Is this mine?

Will I be able to take and change everything, accept everything that is unknown?

Another point to remember.

No one can read your thoughts. If something is wrong, you should tell it to your manager in the country you are in. If the problem persists, contact the parent agency. But first to the manager. Let me explain why. If you immediately contact the motherboard of the type with a claim, your motherboard will make a claim to the customer. To which the customer will regard it as a "sneak". And he will ask himself a more fully adequate question - why did you not tell me about this. And you will not feel very comfortable. Because ask yourself the same question. Type-Huh? What am I?

Therefore, any problem, you have a manager. All questions to him. If there are serious questions, processing, deception on the part of the customer, then to the motherboard to figure it out. But without hysterics calmly and sensibly. You don't have to solve financial problems yourself. Only motherboard.

Doubtful proposals, in your opinion, are also only through the motherboard.

Well, to cry in a vest, which is hard and all that, of course, call the motherboard and cry, but so that no one sees. Because this is a temporary weakness. It will pass, and you will be remembered as a weakling.

I continue with further parting words!

Do not fantasize to yourself that you will be greeted with a red carpet.

You are simply IT, with the help of whom they earn money and give you the opportunity to earn money. And only those who understand and accept this, in the future, shoot as individuals, as models with a name, and only from this moment they will start to meet you with a path and blow off dust particles from you.

Those pseudo models who thought of themselves on the first contracts are simply either sent home or simply forgotten about them. And yes, hysterics are generally not allowed in this profession. Slope to psychos and tantrums? Conclude for yourself that this is not yours.

You also need such an understanding as a society.

You come, and you are lodged in the same apartment with models from other countries, from another culture. Some of them are good. Someone, in your opinion, strange, someone in general touched to the whole head. But here you must understand the first thing that you are also strange for them, all over your head, abnormal, and you also like jellied meat or Olivier. In other words, understand, they may not be comfortable with you either. But!!! You need to live and work together. And even joint shooting is possible. Here you need to include sociability and understanding, take into account the culture of this model-cohabitant.

In their country, for example, it may not be customary to go to the toilet together.

But at the same time, do not let sit on your head. You are asleep, and it is next to it talking on the phone at midnight, with the same beloved and snot on the pillow, and you have a shooting tomorrow. There is no need to be silent, but without conflict. A tolerant explanation. It is imperative to understand that you will be together for more than one month. There were cases when the models swore in a splash. And then they became inseparable friends - friends.

There is a downside to friendship among contract models. They see you, they start making friends with you and tell you how bad everything is here, there is no work, you are not a type of this region, but you are low, who told you that they earn money here, but you needed to go to China, and so on spirit.

You call the agency and make a claim - "WHERE DID YOU SENT ME?" You make a claim without understanding. So my dear IT!

When they start to sit on your ears, ask yourself, not aloud, the question, what are you doing here in this case? And it turns out that the one who tells you that the "shit" agency is coming here for the third time. And this is done only in order to start up doubts and remove an extra competitor. Free your way.

Of course, I will not hide, there are cases when you send a model to a verified customer, and then it turns out that the composition of bookers has changed, but you were not informed.

And naturally the model falls into the hole, in other words, it works to zero.

But that's another topic for discussion.

Competent owners or directors of agencies, collect models in a bunch and make an evening of gatherings in a club, restaurant, cafe, sometimes in an apartment or in a private house. The novice model perceives this more as something wrong.

Deviation from modeling.

I will say right away that I personally did this myself, and not once.

Let me explain why.

The first moment, acquaintance of models with each other. Acquaintance and communication removes the barrier of misunderstanding.

The second is to understand who is breathing with what, both literally and figuratively. I am a director or owner, I must understand who I am, what I represent, and from whom I can, what to expect in the future. It is even at the household level an assessment of adequacy. Suddenly, a model came to me, who cannot live a day without a dose of cocaine, and she came to my country initially just for this.

He personally made provocations to the models, watched who was behaving. And already did the screenings. I understood who could be sent to the contract and who not. Naturally, we are not talking about minors, there is a special approach to these.

In general, when you are invited to a club or just gathered in a company, take your time

I hope you will take something useful from my "cry from the heart" for yourself.

If you have any questions, ask: I will tell you, I will help…. than I can.